I feel privileged to offer services and resources to help people thrive, grow and prosper from my private practice in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Sara Fraser

studies and working in British Columbia

I completed my undergraduate studies in Psychology at University of King's College/Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, graduating with honors.

Starting in 1993, I attended Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia for my Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology. I completed my doctoral internship in clinical psychology at the British Columbia Children's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. There, I worked with children and teens of all ages and their families both in the hospital as well as in specialized rotations: at a clinic for children with developmental disabilities and at the GF Strong Rehabilitation Center, where I focused on pediatric patients with spinal cord injuries and their post-accident adjustment.

Following completion of my formal training, I gained licensure as a clinical psychologist in British Columbia. I then worked for the provincial government in youth forensics, completing assessments of youth involved in the juvenile justice system and heading a mental health team based in a secure youth custody facility, seeing to the day to day mental health needs of incarcerated kids. I also established a private practice seeing adult clients, as well as kids and families.

Relocation and working in Los Angeles

Upon relocating to Los Angeles in 2002, I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in South LA, with an emphasis on outpatient community mental health with children and families, with specialized rotations in inpatient consultation and liaison services and infant development and mental health.

Following the completion of my fellowship, I worked for five years at the Kaiser-Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center in Hollywood. There, I worked in the outpatient psychiatry department as a staff psychologist, as well as a primary supervisor for the psychology internship program and as a consultant psychologist for the Metabolic Diseases service and the KID team for children on the autistic spectrum.

In 2008, I transitioned to a full-time position at Curtis School, a private elementary school for grades DK-6th in West LA, as their School Psychologist and Director of Student Support Services. There, I created academic and behavioral support plans for students and oversaw a team of educational therapists who delivered support services for student with a myriad of learning needs. During my time at Curtis, I honed my skills in the areas of diversity / inclusivity / cultural responsiveness as well as mindfulness.

While at Curtis School, I offered mindfulness programing at many grade levels using the Mindful Schools curriculum, a well-regarded and established program for mindfulness in schools. I presented to parent groups about a range of topics such as coping and resiliency, child development, parenting and mindfulness. I also coordinated a range of parent education activities in topics including executive skills (with Dr. Peg Dawson), positive psychology (with Dr. Christine Carter), the interface of education and neuro-development (with Dr. Joann Deak) mindfulness in kids (with Susan Kaiser-Greenland) and attachment in teaching and learning (with Dr. Lou Cozolino).

I’ve maintained a private practice in Silver Lake since 2004 seeing a range of adult clients, kids, teens, families and couples. Since June 2017, I've transitioned to full time private practice where I feel privileged to offer services and resources to help people thrive, grow and prosper.