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Starting in March 2020, the adoption of telehealth in the field of psychotherapy became widespread in a manner that never before could have been anticipated.

Telehealth Services

My entire practice moved online as we collectively navigated the pandemic and this forced me to consider many new and different ways to provide effective psychotherapeutic services for folks. While some people have returned to working in-person, I have remained online in the provision of services for my clients. There are a range of reasons why some might prefer to see a therapist in person but my experience has been transformational in terms of the work I do with clients via online therapy and consultation.

For some, the convenience of being able to see me virtually has allowed them to attend therapy much more consistently which has in turn improved therapy outcomes for them. For others, like families, I am able to join them in their homes where they are able to invite me into their spaces in ways that were inaccessible when my practice was office based. This has allowed some to access safety and security while they do the important and often vulnerable work of therapy. This has allowed others to be able to work creatively with me in seeking real world and real time solutions that work for the lives they lead in the world.

Expanding my practice

Over the course of the past three years, while my online practice continued and even expanded, I have become increasingly adept and proficient with the parameters of online work and very comfortable in the provision of online therapy, including EMDR. Additionally, I have increased and enhanced my ability to see clients beyond the borders of California.

I have attained licensure in the state of Utah (License # 12970555-250) and have also received certification via PSYPACT which allows me to work with people in numerous other states in the US (APIT Number: 12734). To see if your state is among the states included in PSYPACT, please click on the button below.


If you have questions about whether an online therapy option would work well for you, please reach out to schedule a free phone consult with me to discuss your concerns. Together, we can help you reach a choice that feels best for you.